Deadlines and Key Policies

The appeals process for having missed the ELM/EPT and/or Early Start is closed.  Domestic students living in the US who have not taken the ELM/EPT or who have missed Early Start sign-ups can contact us for next steps for enrollment opportunities in future semesters.  We look forward to working with you.


Also, if you are a continuing student (Fall or Spring 2016 start) and cannot find an open Math 60 or Math 70 course, please see our next steps at the bottom of this link.







Note: The deadline to take the ELM/EPT has passed for US Citizens living in the US.


We at the Developmental Studies support students in Math 60, Math 70, and first-year English composition courses.  Also, we support college readiness efforts in the middle and high schools.  To find out more about us, click on the About Us tab to the left or attend an upcoming webniar.  We looking forward to partnering with you to excel in math, English, and college in general. 


Andrew, Christa, and Whitney


Top Four Questions



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  1. Do I need to take Early Start and Developmental Studies (Math and/or English)?

  2. Where can I get an overview of Early Start?

  3. How do I sign up for Early Start?

  4. By when do I have to complete my Developmental Studies requirements and what happens if I don't?



Incoming Freshmen Fall 2017 (and select transfers)

A Table of Deadlines and Key Dates

Date Event or Task
April 1, 2017 and on-going Register for New Student Orientation after accepting Admissions Offer
April 21, 2017 Last Day for Fall 2017 Admits to register for ELM/EPT tests
May 6, 2017 Last Day for Fall 2017 Admits to take the ELM/EPT tests
June & July 2017 Attend New Student Orientation and get to sign up for classes early!
June 16, 2017, 5pm Last day to sign up for in person Early Start Math 60 or 70 at SF State
July 7, 2017, 5pm Last day to sign up for online Early Start Math 40 through SF State
July 14, 2017, 5pm Last day to sign up for Early Start English 99 through SF State
August 12, 2017 International Student Orientation and ELM Placement Test
September 23, 2017 International Student EPT Test: CANCELLED.  Email us for more info.

Continuing Students in Developmental Courses

A Table of Deadlines and Key Dates


Date Event or Task
Late May, 2017, TBA Last Day to register for SF State Summer courses in English and/or Math
August 7th, 2017 Last Day for Fal 2016 Admits for appeal for an extension



Key Policies

Incoming Freshmen

  • All students who are not exempt by SAT/ACT/AP/IB/College Course: must complete May 6th, ELM and/or EPT test to register for Fall 2017.
  • All students who score 48 or below on ELM and/or 146 or below on EPT must take Early Start in summer.
  • Students who choose to take Early Start Math 40 (online, 1 unit) may retake the ELM in August.
  • AB5450/Dream Act Students are not required to take Early Start in summer, but may elect to do so.
  • We recommend students take Early Start English 99 through SF State (either online or in person).
  • We recommend students take Early Start math through SF State. Students may take in-person equivalents for Math 60 and Math 70 at select CSUs by signing up through the web form in the Early Start section.

Continuing Students in Developmental Courses

  • All Developmental Coursework must be completed within the first year. 2016 admits should contact our office for updates to this policy.
  • Math students must complete through Math 70 with a C or better.
  • English students must complete one of the following courses with a C- or better: Eng 105, Eng 202, Eng 204, Eng 209, or Eng 114.
  • Appeals for extensions beyond the one year time limit must be for extenuating circumstances and have third-party documentation.
  • Students whose appeals are denied or who fail to complete requirements at the end of an extension have up to two consecutive semesters to earn a C or above in equivalent courses at a community college or other CSU.