Math by Major

List of Majors which specific Math (B4) requirements


Stem Majors (Calculus)

Applied Mathematics


Biology, General

Biology, Botnay

Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology

Biology, Marine Biology & Limnology

Biology, Microbilogy

Biology, Physicology

Biology, Zoology

Chemistry B.A.

Chemisty B.S.

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Earth Sciences B.S.


Electrical Engineering

Environmental Science


Mathematics B.A., Advanced Study

Mathematics B.A, Liberal Arts

Mathematics B.A., Teaching

Mechanical Engineering

Physics B.A.

Physics B.A., Astronomy

Physics B.S.

Physics B.S., Astrophysics

Physics B.S., Physics for Teaching



Business Majors (Business Calculus & Statistics)

Business Administration, Accounting

Business Administration, Decision Sciences

Business Administration, Finance

Business Administration, General Business

Business Administration, Information Systems

Business Administration, International Business

Business Administration, Management

Business Administration, Marketing

Hospitality and Tourism Managment  (if taking DS 212 for statistics in major)


Statistics Required Majors (Statistics)

Communicative Disorders

Health Education

Kinesiology, Excercise and Movement Sciences

Kinesiology, Physical Education

Nursing, Prelicensure

Nursing, RN to BSN

Nutrition and Dietetics, all concentrations

Psychology (statistics suggested)


All other majors can take any B4