Early Start Program

Early Start is resuming for 2021





Early Start 2021

Early Start is a summer program that allows students to build on their academic skills so that they are even more prepared for college-level work.  Incoming students who are on pathway 4 for math or English take Early Start before the fall semester begins.  We recommend that students take Early Start at SF State, but it can be completed at any CSU.

Check back in early February for more information.


Students who fall under the following categories:


AB 540 students/Dream Act students are not required to take Early Start.  Those who wish to enroll in an Early Start course voluntarily should contact Norma Salcedo at normasal@sfsu.edu with the subject line "Early Start Access Request." Additionally, students can sign up during new student orientation by going to the Early Start tables after checking in.  Please contact abrosnan@sfsu.edu with questions.

Out of State and International Students

Early Start is a California State requirement; therefore, out of state students and international students do not participate in Early Start.

Foreign-Educated US Citizens and Permanent Residents Living Abroad

If you are in the area in the summer and can complete all domestic student requirements, do so.  If you are living abroad in the summer, there is a process to join the international students at their orientation.  Please contact us at develops@sfsu.edu to discuss the process.

Students with Documented Disabilities

If you are a student who is seeking accommodations, please contact our Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) at dprc@sfsu.edu or 415-338-2472.

Veterans and Dependents of Veterans

Obtain a Cal Vet Fee Waiver letter for 2020*2021 academi year form your local county Veterans Service Office.  This is the correct year because summer 20201 is in culded in the 2020-2021 academic year.  For further information, contact veterans@sfsu.edu

Extenuating Circumstances

Please contact Developmental Studies at develops@sfsu.edu if you fail to enroll by posted deadlines.


Math and English Pathway Alerts

The Math Pathway Alert and English Pathway Alert on your student portal are merely informational and will not prevent registration no matter what pathway you are on.