Developmental Coursework: First Year


Based on a variety of possible test scores (High School CAASPP, SAT, ACT, AP and IB), high school GPA, and select high school senior year English and math courses and grades, students may place into English and/or Quantitative Reasoning courses on their own or with additional units of support.  Some students who are required to take advantage of additional support units must also start in the summer before their first fall semester (Early Start).

To decide which English pathway to follow, students should take the First-Year Writing Advising.  Options include Eng 114 (one-semester accelerated), Eng 104 and 105 (two-semester stretch) and a series for multi-lingual speakers (Composition for Multilingual Speakers).  Students who opt out of the First-Year Writing Advising will have to follow their English pathway/category.

Most students follow one of three Quantitative Reasoning pathways:  1) Pre-calculus and calculus, 2) Business calculus, or 3) Statistics-based courses. 



Our office helps students with the following:

  • Understanding requirements
  • Overcoming outside pressures and obstacles to success
  • Improving communication with professors, staff and peers
  • Strategies for time management, studying and test taking
  • Motivation and empowerment

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