Deadlines and Key Policies

The California State University System has announced changes to academic preparation and placement in first-year math and English courses. Please see this PDF that summarizes new pathways.  Contact us at with questions or to access this information in other ways.


If you are a continuing student who started Spring 2018 or before, and have an ELM or EPT hold, know you must complete a B4 Quantitative Reasoning Course and English Composition course by the end of Fall 2018.






We at the Developmental Studies Office support students in first-year English and Quantitative Reasoning courses.  Also, we support college readiness efforts in the middle and high schools.  To find out more about us, click on the About Us tab to the left.  We looking forward to partnering with you to excel in English courses, Quantitative Reasoning courses, and college in general. 


Andrew, Christa, and Whitney


Key Policies

Incoming Freshmen Fall 2018

  • All students will be placed into a college level math course or a college level math course with additional support.  Placement will be based on multiple measures, which may include test scores (CAASPP, ACT, SAT, AP, IB), senior-year course work, and high school GPA.
  • Based on these multiple measures, some students will be required to participate in our Summer Early Start program.
  • All students who do not enter having completed a college-level English course or a qualifying score on AP/IB must take the Write to Register unless enrolled in Early Start English 2018, where they will take it then.


Starting May 2018, students will be able to log into their student center and see which pathway/category they are following for English and math.  They should check the Alerts and Holds section for their placement by clicking "details."

To see a flow chart of your pathway, click below:


Continuing Students (already attending SF State) in Developmental Courses

  • Math students must complete through Math 70 with a C or better.
  • English students must complete one of the following courses with a C- or better: Eng 105, Eng 202, Eng 204, Eng 209, or Eng 114.
  • Any student still attending SF State who does not complete the above by Spring 2018 must meet with our office to determine final opportunities for Fall 2018.  Students who have not completed a B4 QR course and a qualifying English Written Composition course by the end of Fall 2018 will be asked to leave SF State until the requirements have been fulfilled. There may be a two-semester time limit imposed.
  • Please download the Math Pathways for Continuing Students flowchart for more details on Fall 2018 courses, or see below: