Webinar Season will start again in early 2018.  Until then, please contact Director Andrew Brosnan (abrosnan@sfsu.edu) with questions.



About our Webinars

Throughout the year, we will be hosting webinars. Students wishing to access the content of these webinars in different accessibility formats should contact our department at develops@sfsu.edu.

January through May

English and Quantitative Reasoning Placement

  • Review what test scores mean
  • Determine if you need to provide senior-year, second-semester math or English grades
  • Determine if you will be taking summer Early Start

May and June

Early Start

  • Confirm whether you are required to take Early Start
  • Determine which Early Start options are best for you
  • See how to sign up for Early Start
  • Learn about SF State's Directed Self Placement for first-year English
  • Learn success strategies and resources

August through December

  • Connecting with professors
  • Understanding syllabi and expectations
  • Excelling in coursework

Register for Upcoming Webinars

Our webinars from 2017 have been removed due to changes in policy and practices for students entering Fall 2018.  New webinars will occur in February or March of 2018.



Please contact us at develops@sfsu.edu with questions.