Staff Bios

Andrew Brosnan, MA

Developmental Studies Director

Valuing access and student empowerment, Andrew has worked in higher education for almost two decades. As a college instructor, he has taught developmental English, first-year composition, public speaking and creative writing. In his administrative roles he has led a general education department, developed and executed faculty training programs, and supported students and curriculum in developmental studies programs. He takes pride in helping others, growing apples in Richmond and being liked by both dogs and plants.  Reach him at

Christa Amouroux, Ph.D.

Early Assessment Program Manager

Christa has worked on segment alignment as EAP manager for nearly a decade.  She earned her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Stanford where she studied squatter communities and their relationship to the Danish state.  Her passion for social justice and equity drives her commitment to student empowerment and success.  Reach her at

Developmental Studies Counselor

Position currently open.

Photo of Group of Students as a symbol of our undergraduate and graduate student workers

Undergraduate Assistants and Graduate Interns

We thank our annual student workers and interns for their dedication to student success.  We could not reach as many students as we do without their efforts.