Early Start at other CSU

Please check back for updates in early 2018 for the 2018 Summer Early Start




  • If multiple measures show that you will benefit from additional support in English and/or Quantitative Reasoning,  you are required to start courswork in summer 2018.
  • This is called Early Start
  • You can fulfill this summer requirement at any CSU (other than CSU Maritime in Vallejo). 
  • If you choose another CSU, please review our process below.  See here to search other CSU course offerings.


Sign up Process for Other CSUs

  1. Decide on which CSU you wish to go to in summer to fulfill the requirement.
  2. Complete our Google Form
  3. Switch your Early Start Smart Page to match your CSU choose for summer
  4. Work with that CSU to confirm your registration (check your email frequently)