Early Start at other CSU

This information refers to 2017 Early Start.  Please check back for updates in early 2018 for the 2018 Summer Early Start





Sign up Process for Other CSUs

  1. Decide on which CSU you wish to go to in summer to fulfill the requirement.
  2. Confirm it's one of the recommended CSUs --or-- confirm you accept the situation of a non-recommended CSU.
  3. Complete our Google Form
  4. Switch your Early Start Smart Page to match your CSU choose for summer
  5. Work with that CSU to confirm your registration (check your email frequently)


Why is it not recommended to take Early Start math courses at some CSUs?

It is true that students can fulfill their Early Start Math and English requirements at any CSU.

That said, not every Early Start math course takes the same approach across the California State University system. This means that although taking an Early Start math course at any CSU will fulfill your requirement to take a summer course, a few will not help you fulfill your development math requirement of 1 or 2 courses (depending on your ELM).

If students are unable to take an Early Start math course in person at SF State and the closest CSU is not recommended for math, we recommend completing the ESM 40 online math course at SF State to fulfill the Early Start requirement.


Early Start Math Equivalencies at Other CSUs: Summer 2017

Students who want to take Early Start Math at CSUs not listed below, should complete the Google Doc and then email us at develops@sfsu.edu to see what options exist.


ESM 60
(ELM Score 40 or below)

ESM 70
(ELM Score 42-48)

* Students with ELM scores in this range can register for this course.


ESPM 031

Not recommended

Dominguez Hills

Not recommended



Not recommended



Not recommended

ESM 40 (32-48 ELM*)

Long Beach

ESM 3 (Below 38 ELM*)

ESM 21 or ESM 33 (40-48 ELM*)

Los Angeles

Not recommended

ESM 320


ESM 11

ESM 12

San Marcos

Not recommended

ESM 30 (40-48 ELM*)


Not recommended

ESM 106 (34-48 ELM*)